Mzalendo is a Kenyan non-partisan Parliamentary monitoring organization whose mission is to “promote the realization of open, inclusive, and accountable Parliaments across Kenya and Africa”.

The Double-Edged Sword that is Negotiated Democracy

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Joint Press Statement: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the just concluded political party primaries

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Party Primaries in full gear and a call for transparency and inclusion in the process

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Exploring opportunities to advance women and youth’s political leadership

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Forum on Electoral Justice and Democracy

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What we do:

Promoting and Monitoring Legislative Openness

We champion access to Parliamentary information and use technology to make Parliament more accessible.

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Promoting Inclusive Parliaments and Political Processes

We champion the inclusion of marginalized people in Parliamentary and political processes.

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Promoting Civic Engagement, Scrutiny and Accountability of Parliaments

We champion public participation, citizen oversight over Parliaments, and more consultative and responsive political processes by developing tools for participation and consultation.

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This week’s SMS question:

What would you like for Parliament to prioritize as they begin their last session?

"1 How to improve the economy of the country 2. fight corruption"

"Employment of humanity secondary teachers,many are jobless,even BOM vacancies arent available.Ruth,kisii county"

"The rushed school calendar i ) in an election year ii) at time when students need more time than one week for their holidays Name : chombo shete County ; taita / taveta "

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