Members of the National Assembly

Responsibilities as Member of the National Assembly

Representation: Acts on your behalf on issues of concern to you & the nation.
Oversight: Controls budget, oversees the presidency, ministries and parastatals plus appointments.
Legislation: Develops or contributes to law making.
NG-CDF: Runs the Constituency Development Fund.

Current Position Holders

Abdi, Hussein

Member for Tarbaj Constituency.

Abdikheir, Mohamed

Member for Lafey Constituency.

Abdi, Yusuf Hassan

Member for Kamukunji Constituency.

Abuor, Paul

Member for Rongo Constituency.

Aburi, Mpuru

Member for Tigania East Constituency.

Adagala, Beatrice Kahai

Women's Representative for Vihiga.

Adan, Mohammed

Member for Wajir East Constituency.

Adow, Mohamed

Member for Wajir South Constituency.

Adow, Yakub

Member for Bura Constituency.

Akujah Protus

Member for Loima Constituency.

Alfah, Miruka Ondieki

Member for Bomachoge Chache Constituency.

Ali, Abdi

Member for Ijara Constituency.

Ali Abdisirat Khalif

Nominated Member (Marginalized interests)

Ali, Mohamed

Member for Nyali Constituency.

Amollo, Paul Otiende

Member for Rarieda Constituency.

Ariko John Namoit

Member for Turkana South Constituency.