Members of the National Assembly

Responsibilities as Member of the National Assembly

Representation: Acts on your behalf on issues of concern to you & the nation.
Oversight: Controls budget, oversees the presidency, ministries and parastatals plus appointments.
Legislation: Develops or contributes to law making.
NG-CDF: Runs the Constituency Development Fund.

Current Position Holders

Kariuki, George

Member for Ndia Constituency.

Kasalu, Irene Muthoni

Women's Representative for Kitui.

Kasiwai Rael

Women's Representative for West Pokot.

Kassim Umul Ker Sheikh

Women's Representative for Mandera.

Kathambi, Charity

Member for Njoro Constituency.

Kaunya, Edward Oku

Member for Teso North Constituency.

Kazungu, Charo Kenneth

Member for Ganze Constituency.

Kemei Beatrice

Women's Representative for Kericho.

Kenga, Anthony

Member for Rabai Constituency.

Keynan Wehliye Adan

Member for Eldas Constituency.

Keynan, Wehliye Adan, CBS, MP

Member for Eldas Constituency.

Kiamba, Suzanne

Member for Makueni Constituency.

Kibagendi, Anthony

Member for Kitutu Chache North Constituency.

Kibor, Bernard Kitur

Member for Nandi Hills Constituency.

Kiborek, Reuben

Member for Mogotio Constituency.

Kihungi, Peter

Member for Kangema Constituency.