People’s Shujaaz Awards

Celebrating Parliamentarians that have championed issues of great public interest both at the National Assembly and the Senate.

The People’s Shujaa's Awards were initiated by the Mzalendo Trust in 2014 and these awards seek to honor Members of Parliament who champion public interest issues on the floor of the House at both the National Assembly and the Senate. Announced a day before Jamhuri Day, the Awards are meant to complement the National Honours the Presidency bestows on Kenyans for exemplary service to the country every year.

Through these awards, we hope to continue motivating MPs to keep pushing for progressive and impactful legislation and resultantly inspire the citizenry to adequately hold them to account in executing their constitutional mandate. It is our belief that the recognition and citizen choices will continue to catalyze members of parliament to develop legislation that serves the larger public interest and good.

Voting runs from 30th November to 11th December annually.

2021 People’s Shujaaz Awards

In 2021, Mzalendo Trust identified nine thematic areas that informed the categories namely.

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. The Welfare of People Living with Disabilities
  4. Food Security, Water and Sanitation
  5. Children and … Read on