2021 People’s Shujaaz Awards

In 2021, Mzalendo Trust identified nine thematic areas that informed the categories namely.

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. The Welfare of People Living with Disabilities
  4. Food Security, Water and Sanitation
  5. Children and Youth Affairs
  6. Environment and Natural Resources
  7. Energy, Covid-19 Responsiveness
  8. Strengthening Devolution

A total of 38 nominees were identified after which Kenyans proceeded to vote online and via SMS.

Additionally, there are three other members of Parliament who have been identified as champions on key issues.

Halake Abshiro Soka

Category 1 (Education)

The Nominated Senator and chair of the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) sought a statement regarding the high drop-out rate of schoolgirls. The Senator wanted the government to outline the strategies in place to ensure that teenage girls who drop out of school are tracked, enrolled and proceed with their education as well as explain the mechanisms that have been instituted to guarantee high retention and transition of teenage girls in primary and secondary schools.

She wanted the government to appraise the House on the policies in place that ensure teenage girls exposed to social vices such as early marriages receive psycho-social support to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into school systems for optimal learning.

Ghati, Dennitah

Category 2 (Welfare of PWDs)

The Nominated Member of Parliament representing Persons living with Disability in the National Assembly, introduced a motion urging the national government to provide assistive devices and required medical items and requirements, free of charge to PWDs at the constituency level.

She also wanted the government to put mechanisms for replacement of worn-out devices to enable them to live a dignified life, be more productive and to coexist with other people in the society.

Inimah Getrude Musuruve

Category 3 (Health)

Two-time winner of the People’s Shujaaz Awards. Nominated Senator Getrude Musuruve introduced a motion on provision of colostomy bags to colon cancer patients and survivors in county hospitals.

The Senator wanted the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Council of Governors to create and maintain a register of all the colon cancer patients and survivors in county hospitals and include the purchase of palliative care products in the health budgets of all county governments.

Yussuf, Mucheke Halima

Category 4: (Food Security)

The nominated Member of Parliament Introduced a motion urging the government to institutionalize rainwater harvesting and storage in all buildings as a standard requirement and further that all road constructions incorporate storm water collection and storage for non-portable use, to address the water crisis in the country.

Lesuuda, Josephine Naisula

Category 5: (Children and Youth Affairs)

The Member of Parliament for Samburu West sponsored the Public Service Internship Bill, 2021. The Bill seeks to establish a legal framework for the regulation of internship programmes within the public service. The Bill seeks to ensure the provision of a monthly stipend, insurance and other entitlements to persons engaged in internships within the public service for the duration of the internship programme.

The Bill seeks to enhance youth development and employability by creating clear linkages between education, training and work’, It also ensures a well-structured and coordinated internship programme

Lokorio Petronila Were

Category 6: (Environment and Natural Resources)

The nominated Senator Introduced a motion on integrating climate education into the school curriculum. She noted that it is important that both the current and future generations are better equipped to address the problem of climate change which can be accomplished by using appropriate instructional strategies such as integrating climate education into the syllabus to assist students in improving their understanding of climate change and acquiring the essential skills to reduce its effects.

Senator Were has also been a #PeoplesShujaazAwards recipient in 2018

Duale, Aden Bare

Category 7 – (Energy)

The MP for Garissa Township Sought a statement regarding Kenya Power inflated power procurement costs. He wanted to know the measures that were being taken to ensure that the high cost of power is reduced. In his statement he expressed concern over KPLC presiding over a massively inflated power supply regime that has regressive effects on the already overburdened taxpayers and businesses.

Kajwang’ Moses Otieno

Category 9: (Strengthening Devolution)

The Senator for Homabay County Sponsored the County Governments (Amendments) Bill (Senate Bills No. 38 of 2021). The purpose of the Bill is to amend the County Governments Act 2012 and provide clarity in the operations of the County Assembly Service Board in instances where the office of a Speaker becomes vacant.

Nassir, Abdullswamad Sheriff

Category 8: (Covid-19 Responsiveness)

The MP for Mvita and chair of the Public Investments Committee (PIC) in the National Assembly, introduced a motion on the roll-out of Covid-19 relief measures for national growth. The motion sought to eliminate all forms of lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions and replace them with less stringent yet equally effective and economy-friendly containment measures, including provision of Personal Protective Equipment and sanitization protocols.

Haji Farhiya Ali

Public Sector Integrity Champion

In June 2018 President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that all public servants would undergo a compulsory lifestyle audit to account for their wealth. Three years later, this pledge by the president remains a mirage. Sen. Farhiya Ali was selected as the Champion of Integrity due to her lifestyle audit bill that is already in the Senate. The Bill seeks to provide a legal framework to curb embezzlement of funds by public servants. The Bill makes lifestyle audit mandatory for the President, Deputy President, and other state officers.

The proposed law gives the EACC in collaboration with any other necessary entity, powers to conduct the audit after which the matter shall be referred to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) for action. A state officer will be prosecuted if there are reasons to believe that he or she is living beyond the lawfully obtained and reported income earned from the government.

Ahmed, Shakeel Ahmed Shabbir

Anti-Corruption Champion

Mzalendo recognizes Hon. Shakeel due to his effort in ensuring the African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption (APNAC) is actively engaging with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and championing their recommendations in the house.

Hon. Shakeel has sponsored amendments to the Public Officer and Ethics Act though not yet published that are geared towards ensuring there is proper vetting of public officers by the respective Committees

Kasanga Sylvia Mueni

Mental Health Wellness Champion

This award is an acknowledgement of Sen. Sylvia Kasanga as a mental health wellness champion, a journey she began in 2018 when she sponsored the Mental Health (Amendment) Bill 2018.

The Bill was later re-introduced in 2020 and it seeks to impose obligations on each level of government to address the issue of accessibility to mental health services including care, treatment and rehabilitation of persons with mental illness.