Dear Kenyans, Ignorance is No Defense

In a span of nine days, the number of positive COVID-19 cases has from one risen to 15. This makes the rate of infection in Kenya stand at an average of 1.67 people per day. The mood and tone of the Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe during the press address on Sunday evening read of disappointment. Mr Kagwe was disappointed in Kenyans’ open defiance to follow simple instructions even as the killer coronavirus threatens to spread out in Kenya like a wildfire. The Ministry has constantly and consistently shared precautionary measures with the hope that Kenyans would adhere to them to avoid spreading the virus even further. The message has been echoed by several government institutions such as the National Police Service and even private corporates who through mainstream and digital media are urging Kenyans to maintain high levels of hygiene, exercise social distancing and be on the lookout for any symptoms. However, it appears that these warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Kenyans continue to be obstinate and toy around with their health and lives all the while operating as if everything is still normal. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s business unusual, the global death toll continues to rise at a worrying rate. Leaders in different jurisdictions have confirmed that they have tested positive. Entertainment and sporting idols have also shared the dreaded news with their fans concerning their state. The virus has proven that it is a respecter of no one. It is no joke! Kenyans, regardless of their social standing should be worried and take extreme caution. Perhaps the lack of seriousness that we are handling this news with is because it hasn’t arrived at our doorstep. Italy reported 793 deaths in 24 hours. We haven’t processed the gravity of this news since they’re just statistics to us. Personal accounts by Italians and many people from the west who have been affected by the virus bear a lot of regrets. Most of them ignored the calls to take social distancing seriously. The consequence has hundreds of deaths being recorded on a daily basis. The irony is, some Kenyans have been quick to tweet #StandWithItaly while they violate the same instructions that contributed to Italy’s current situation. If we’re not careful, Kenya might go down the same road if not worse considering that our healthcare system is wanting. It was extremely disheartening to see Kenyans mill in entertainment spots and places of worship despite warnings against unnecessary gatherings. It is even more disheartening to learn that the Kilifi Deputy Governor defied the self-quarantine condition for someone who’d flown back to the country, and even worse mingled with so many people since his arrival. It is heartbreaking to see that Kenyans do not value life. Dear Kenyans now is not the time to play blind to the realities on the ground. Don’t be blind to the fact that our hospitals and personnel are not ready for a full-blown crisis, in fact, no country is prepared for what this virus can do. Don’t be blind to the fact that the country is on the edge of running broke. Don’t be blind to the fact that we’re struggling with meeting basic needs, thus throwing in the virus into the mix of these struggles is not something that we should wish on ourselves. Don’t be blind to the fact that we have a future to look forward to after the dark cloud has lifted. We, however, cannot talk about the future if we’re not being intentional about securing it through staying alive. The Ministry has been very clear, stay at home! Callousness during this period should be rebuked and possibly prosecuted. The importance of social distancing cannot be overemphasized. Lives depend on this. Don’t go looking for the virus in the name of entertainment. Don’t get carried away by your seemingly good health and think that you’re invincible. It would be extremely selfish if your actions put your life and those of your loved ones at risk simply because you could not follow instructions. Tukuwe Wazalendo. The war against corona-virus cannot be won by the government in isolation, it takes a collective effort. This might be the ultimate test on humanity, let us not fail.

Posted by Mzalendo Editor on March 23, 2020

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