Exploring opportunities to advance women and youth’s political leadership

Mzalendo Trust in Partnership with Akina Mama Wa Africa and Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) hosted a Policy Dialogue forum on March 23rd, 2022, in a bid to explore opportunities to advance women and youth's political leadership in Kenya's 2022 Elections.

The Nothing Without Us policy brief strives to advance women's participation in political leadership by addressing the systematic and structural barriers through adopting feminist alternatives.

The forum was attended by representatives from the Media, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) among other key stakeholders.

While addressing the participants, Ms. Caroline Abong, Senior Policy Advisor on Political Affairs at the Netherlands Embassy in Kenya, advocated for the need to strengthen the civic space and youth participation adding that young people are still left behind.

Major concerns that arose from the participants was on the deliberation of the participation of Women in the political sphere, with many arguing that women are still not being viewed as competent enough in the society.

The participants challenged the CSOs and women rights’ organizations to champion the voices of women to boost their participation in political processes.

The policy brief addresses the issues surrounding women's participation in political leadership by recommending a multifaceted approach towards mitigating Violence Against Women in Politics.

It also addresses the systematic and structural barriers hindering women from participating in political processes through adopting feminist alternatives.

Posted by Loise Mwakamba on March 24, 2022

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