Elections 2022

Every five years, the republic of Kenya undergoes a nationwide election of new representatives that covers national and county electable offices.

Vote Compass

Welcome to the first edition of the Kenyan Vote Compass in the 2022 general elections. This tool is designed to uncover to the user the political party most aligned to the user's political views, ordered, according to the percentage of agreement on the policy statements.

The vote compass allows Kenyans to find out how their views on issues of importance to them compare to the policies of the political parties presenting candidates for the 2022 general elections. The individual topics were selected based on their relevance to Kenyans. Additionally, most of the issues selected have featured in various opinion polls as being the most prominent among Kenyan voters.

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Know Your Rep

Know Your Next Representative is an extension of Mzalendo.com and is designed to enable Kenyan voters to search their area of voting and view the candidates who have been cleared by the IEBC to run for various seats within that location.

The user-friendly tool makes it possible for voters to compare the various candidates, their agendas and those of the parties they represent and to inform their decision at the ballot.

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Gtokeze Campaign

The GTokeze Campaign is a call to action aimed at mobilizing a critical mass of youth and women to exercise their democratic right to political participation by getting out to vote in the August 2022 elections and encouraging their peers to vote as well.

The Campaign is the first activity under the Strengthening Inclusive and Democratic Political Actors in Kenya (SIDPAK) programme, supported by the European Union and whose activities inter-alia include the promotion of youth and women participation in political processes 2022.

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The #GTokeze campaign is funded by the European Union.

The Vote Compass and Know your Representative tools are funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.